• July 16, 2018 Reminder that registration closes promptly at 7pm Thursday. Waves are currently being assigned based on the estimated finish times you provided.  You will receive your wave number at registration. Below are the start times for each wave (and cap colors). 
  • July 16, 2018  You will notice several improvements to the park down at the lakeshore. We have a brand new pavilion right next to transition, along with a fully plumbed bathhouse...no more portapotties!  
  • July 16, 2018    We are excited to let everyone know that your race registration includes a full catered barbeque meal from Von Hansons meat. Choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken!

JULY 20, 2018  9PM   Despite heavy rain passing thru parts of the metro this evening and even thru downtown Monticello, the park stayed dry, so barring any unforeseen rain overnight things look good on the course for tomorrow! Forecast for tomorrow looks great with highs in the morning only in the 70s, with 25% chance of rain and 100% chance of deer flies. 

1  9:00 Tri  Red               8  9:35  Du
2  9:05 Du                        9  9:40 Tri Navy
3  9:10 Tri Yellow          10  9:45 Tri Pink
4  9:15  Tri Grey             11  9:50 Du
5  9:20  Du                      12  9:55 Run
6  9:25 Tri White            
7  9:30 Tri Orange