Registration is via Please be aware that you will be asked for an estimated finish time for triathlon, duathlon and MB between 60 and 120 min (average = 90) in order to properly assign you to a wave and minimize need for passing on the singletrack. Returning racers, consult previous times on the results page. 

You will have the option of ordering a T-shirt for $10 (until May19) and/or a meal ticket for $7 when you register. T-shirts will not be available for cash purchase on site; meals will be available for racers and spectators for $10.  While many of us consider a-la-carte pricing a pain, it is necessary to keep a small race viable and appreciate everyone's understanding. 


  (open now)   NEW LOW PRICES!

REGISTRATION FEES (minus charge) ARE FULLY REFUNDABLE until May 19. ​Changes to your registration category can be done yourself at any time until 2 weeks prior to race on 

Registration closes when we reach 300 racers, or Thursday, June 18 at 11pm at the latest.  There is no race day registration available

                                                                                                                                               On/after May20 

Adult Individual       Before Jan 1  Jan1-May 19          (if still open)

  • MB                                     $20                   $30                            $40
  • Duathlon                           $30                   $40                           $50
  • Triathlon                            $40                  $50                            $60

Youth ages 12-17

  • MB                                      $10                   $20                           $30
  • Duathlon                           $20                   $30                           $40
  • Triathlon                           $30                    $40                           $50


  • 2 person Du/Tri              $50                      $60                          $80
  • 3 person Tri                     $80                     $100                       $120

​​*youth teams are allowed but not discounted